‘The Thick Of It’ Airs, Uncensored, On Hulu This Sunday

For the dozen of us in this blighted country who would rather comb crabs out of their pubic hair with a spork than watch any beloved sitcom currently running on NBC, September 9 will be a day to rejoice.

That’s when the fourth series of The Thick Of It, the funniest television program of the 21st century, premieres. And while I just called the U.S. a blighted land, man, you ain’t seen blight till you’ve glimpsed the bland gray corridors of political power in England.

Two Washington-based spinoffs—the movie In The Loop and HBO adaptation Veep, are hilarious in their own right—but they pale in comparison to the original show, which follows the travails of hopelessly incompetent bureaucrats as they struggle to keep pace with a vicious 24-hour spin cycle. The series has its star and profanity savant in communications director Malcolm Tucker, whose baroque dressing-downs are a perpetual highlight.

While previous seasons focused on the Labour government in decline, this batch of episodes promises to bring us the U.K.’s new Conservative-Liberal coalition in all its dysfunctional glory. The best news of all is that you won’t have to pirate them if you subscribe to Hulu, which is cleaning up on British comedy exports.

You can thank your lucky stars they won’t be bleeping anything for your sensitive American ears—otherwise there’d be no dialogue.  

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