The Hold Steady Performing Original Song By George R.R. Martin

It’s that time again—time for some Game of Thrones news to tide you over until Season 3 begins (It’s so soon, you guys! You’re all doing so great.). Following up on The National’s performance of George R.R. Martin’s original House Lannister conquest anthem “The Rains of Castamere” last season, the show is embracing even more rock musicians, including Coldplay drummer Will Champion and Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody, who both have cameo roles this season.

And another Game of Thrones song is coming soon, too. America’s favorite bar band, The Hold Steady, has been tapped to perform “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” a “boisterous tavern song” written by George R.R. Martin and GoT theme music composer Ramin Djawadi. The song tells the story, unsurprisingly, of a bear who tries to woo a maiden fair. Partnerships with Brewery Ommegang and an old-timey tavern song sung by The Hold Steady? There is a very specific bro demographic HBO is trying to court here with their marketing, methinks.

Just imagine Craig Finn singing Martin’s verses:

“A bear there was,”

“A bear, A BEAR!

“All black and brown,”

“And covered with hair!

“Oh come they said,”

“Oh come to the fair!”

“The fair? said he,

“But I’m a bear!”

“All black and brown,”

“And covered in hair!”

Let’s hope this song makes it into their live sets. Sadly, there’s no recording of this yet, but there will be soon, and the band will release a 7” of it as a Record Store Day recording. In the meantime, let’s listen to The National’s “The Rains of Castamere” again, especially because it includes some rather unfortunate foreshadowing of a big and violent event that will happen this season.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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