The End Of ‘Breaking Bad’: Did You Totally Call It?

Don’t worry, this will be a spoiler-free zone, but can I brag for a second here? Because the end of Breaking Bad? Well, I totally called it. Did you? No, I’m dead serious, I did. So remember when he…yeah! I knew he would about five weeks ago. You must remember me G-chatting you about that, don’t lie. Nothing gets past me.

And you know how the neo-Nazi gang—exactly. I’ve been saying that was going to happen. I was saying it during last Sunday’s episode, and you kept telling me to be quiet so you could hear what was happening right then. That’s how slow you are about premium TV dramas: you really have no clue what is going to happen until it does! God, do I feel sorry for you, experiencing all the surprises of fiction as they come.
I also 100% called the way Vince Gilligan chose to wrap up that other loose end but leave that other one dangling, I had that bit figured out all the way back in season three. Amateur foreshadowing, man. In fact, all the clues about the ending were right there in the opening shot of the series, if you look closely, which you clearly never do. Now there’s nothing left to do but actually watch the finale and see how right I was all along. Anybody want to come over?
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