Swan Song for ‘Project Runway’?

imageThe end of the fifth season of Project Runway is upon us. Worse than a single episode of Nip/Tuck in its abundance of one-dimensional, unlikable characters, the current season has been a steadily unraveling shitshow of manipulative crybabies, contrived fashions, and some woman with a boyfriend named Ratbones. So after tomorrow night’s J.Lo-less season (series?) finale concludes, viewers will no doubt be left with some lingering questions.

Questions like: How cold will hell get if Kenley Collins actually gets the gold? Also, does anyone care anymore that the fashion competition might not air at all next season — on Bravo or otherwise, what with the the picket lines flanking production of the next season? And most importantly, will you just say, “Screw it,” and watch the presidential debates instead?

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