#SixSeasonsAndAMovie: The NBC Thursday Night Lineup In Flux

Sometimes, everything is just the worst, Kenneth. The #sixseasonsandamovie brigade will surely be in full force on Twitter and Facebook now that rumors of the upcoming demise of three of NBC’s most-beloved-by-fans-but-not-watched-by-many sitcoms: 30 Rock, Community and Parks & Recreation.

According to reports, all three of the shows will be renewed for abbreviated final seasons for next year. The official lineup won’t be released until next week, so the rumors of a final season are just that still, but a shortened season for Community for next year has already been announced, as well as a fourth season of Parenthood in addition to the aforementioned three.

Seven new shows have been picked up as additions to the Peacock’s lineup as well, including Ryan Murphy’s buzzy The New Normal, which stars Justin Bartha and Jayson Blair as a couple who enlist the help of a surrogate mother to have a child. Ellen Barkin and NeNe Leakes (!) will also star. NBC also picked up the pilot for J.J. Abrams’ energy-crisis apocalypto-drama Revolution, and Save Me and Go On, sitcom vehicles for Anne Heche and Matthew Perry, respectively. #rememberthe90s

Rounding out the new sitcom parade is 1600 Penn, a presidential comedy that is more Modern Family than Veep, says the L.A. Times, and Animal Practice, a new show starring Weeds’ Justin Kirk as a disgruntled veterinarian.

We’ll see what happens to the established shows in the lineup come next week when the networks make official announcements. In the meantime, who wants some night cheese?

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