Showtime, Synergy: ‘80s Cartoon Icon Jem Is Back As Overpriced Collectible

Hey! For once, someone decided to reboot a hallmark of your childhood that isn’t part of the whole #RememberThe90s trend. Of course, this would definitely fall under #RememberThe80s, so, you know, not much better. Over the summer, a new line of collectible Jem dolls was launched at San Diego Comic-Con, and now, you too can bring this truly outrageous piece of ‘80s cartoon ephemera into your living room. 

Rock star-turned-superhero Jem, her best pal Jerrica Benton, Rio Pacheco and computer-mentor-alter-ego-facilitator Synergy will be available next month and will run you about $125. Which is probably still less than someone somewhere is paying for a Jem action figure from the actual 1980s, but still. Come on, now. And, for that matter, we’re now envisioning a world in which, 20-30 years from now, people are putting their rent money towards procuring Hannah Montana merchandise. 

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