Shows-Within-The-Show From ‘Arrested Development’ Creeping Onto Netflix

Assuming we’re still here tomorrow, the new episodes of Arrested Development will be shortly making their way to Netflix, and into the hearts of the masses. As part of a marketing gimmick to get fans excited, Netflix has added all of the shows-within-the-show from AD to its Instant Watch roster. Scandalmakers is listed as "Scandalous," Moses Taylor (Rob Corddry) is highlighted for his performance as famed TV detective Frank Wrench in Wrench, as well as Mock Trial With J. Reinhold (starring Judge Reinhold as The Honorable Judge Reinhold), Boyfights and Girls With Low Self-Esteem: Newport Beach. They even threw in Les Cousins Dangereux, the forbidden-love French film George Michael takes his cousin Maeby to in the hopes she’ll get the hint (she doesn’t). 

Unfortunately, clicking on the shows will just get you to the point in the AD episode where they’re mentioned, which isn’t the worst thing, of course, if you like Arrested Development a lot. But we were kind of hoping to actually see more of that fateful episode of Scandalmakers, or Lucille Bluth’s appearance on World’s Worst Drivers

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