Selena Gomez Lampoons ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ for FunnyOrDie

Dear readers, your new crack comedy pairing: Justin Bieber’s (possibly ex? I don’t even know anymore) girlfriend… and Ruxin from The League. In their latest video, pop star Selena Gomez and Nick Kroll skewer guilty-pleasure bodice-ripper Fifty Shades of Grey.

In “Fifty Shades of Blue,” Gomez provides the voiceover channeling Anastasia Steele to Kroll’s Carl Blue, a housepainter (as opposed to uber-wealthy flagellation fanatic Christian Grey) with adult-onset acne and terrible hygiene (he greets our narrator by shaking her hand after coughing into it). As she confides in her friend her erotic feelings for Carl, he digs lint out of his belly. And you can only guess her reaction to seeing Kroll with his caulking gun.

Whether you’ve read the book, haven’t or just don’t want to admit either way, watch and have a good laugh. You have to admire the commitment from both parties:

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