See Jewel as June Carter Cash in Lifetime’s ‘Ring of Fire’

I know we haven’t seen much of Reese Witherspoon lately, and Jewel is counting that you’re remember her more than you will Witherspoon’s Oscar-winning performance in Walk the Line. Jewel, who has reinvented herself from folky poet to a poor (white) man’s Shakira to straight-forward country star, is starring in a Lifetime original movie (they’re all the rage these days, you know) about June Carter Cash, the singer-songwriter and wife to Johnny Cash, in the upcoming Ring of Fire. I know, I know; you’re gonna get this one confused with Walk the Line. Similar stories, and both are named after famous Johnny Cash songs. Of course, June Carter Cash co-wrote "Ring of Fire" herself, you see. That’s what makes it different. Also, it’s a TV movie starring less-famous people. 

Check out a clip from the movie, which premieres on Lifetime May 27:

[via Indiewire]

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