Sarah Silverman’s Sister is a Badass Rabbi

Sarah Silverman has always put her Jewish faith front and center as material for her comedy, as well as her Barack Obama-backing voter initiatives, during which she referred to herself as “your Jewish friend” and, in 2008, encouraged young Jews in Florida to get their grandparents to vote for Obama with a campaign called “The Great Schlep,” one of the many delightful words for which we have Yiddish to thank. This is a thing we all know about Sarah Silverman.

A thing we (or, most of us who don’t regularly hang out with Sarah Silverman) didn’t all know about Sarah Silverman until this week is that she has a sister who is a Reform Jewish rabbi in Jerusalem, and, as it turns out, pretty badass. On Monday, Rabbi Susan Silverman and her teenage daughter were among 10 women detained at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site, for praying while wearing tallit, the prayer shawl traditionally worn by men. Susan Silverman is part of Women of the Wall, an organization of Jewish women fighting the ultra-Orthodox doctrines surrounding the holy sites and aiming to lift the ban on women wearing traditional prayer garb at the Wall. And they don’t plan on stopping their campaign any time soon.

Sarah Silverman, naturally, took to social media to express support for her sister’s actions, writing that she was “SO proud” of her and her niece, in a manner which only Silverman really could ("U R the tits!"). And for what it’s worth, their family parties must be pretty amazing.

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