Robin Williams Needs Work So Bad That He’s Working on a CBS Comedy Show

What has Robin Williams been up to recently? That’s not a rhetorical question. That’s me asking because I’m too lazy to go to IMDb. He was in RV, but that was a while ago. And then there was that Wild Hogs movie? Or Old Dogs? (Wild Dogs? Old Hogs?) I’m afraid Robin Williams has been too quiet lately, and that makes me nervous. Of course, it’s probably making him more nervous, on account of it being his career and all. Oh, well, it seems natural, then, that he sign up for a CBS pilot written by David E. Kelley, mastermind behind Ally McBeal and, uh, Boston Legal. (Was Boston Legal the name of a show? Or am I just making up another, much more specific name for The Practice? Hell, Boston Legal could have been the title of Ally McBeal, really.) Anyway, I don’t think things are too great for the city of Boston, either.

[via EW]

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