‘Questions & Answers’ Informs, Illuminates

Benjamin Apple, when he’s not writing for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, is master of the dry-as-a-bone-in-the-desert comedy web series: check out the mercilessly deadpan Late Night Interview With Benjamin Forrest when you get a chance. Right now, though, Apple’s back with Questions & Answers, the most doggedly educational thing on the Internet right now.

Answering “questions” culled from “submissions” from “viewers,” Apple is in fact always responding to some infamous Jerry Seinfeld bit that professes ignorance as to how or why some state of affairs is the way it is. The result is a dementedly highbrow deconstruction of things we tend to laugh at unthinkingly.

Taking Seinfeld’s questions about dry cleaning at face value is only half of the joy of this show—you’ll want to watch more episodes just to find out why kamikaze pilots would have worn helmets or how glue doesn’t stick to the inside of the bottle. All the stuff you’d never bother to look up for yourself. Thanks, Benjamin. 

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