‘Project Runway’ Verges on Lohan-Assisted Revolutionary Comeback

Last we saw Project Runway, she had fashioned a noose out of a surplus of tulle and had placed a stick of dynamite between her teeth, but not before saying, “Arrivederci cruel world!” We were sure that we’d creep into the cellar to find a mess of glitter and pincushions, perhaps even a cat or two mewing about. But no, it seems Lifetime is going to reap big from the sixth season of Runway. This also means that, once again, we finally get to enjoy Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum weekly — a needed reprieve from the befuddling non-chemistry of Isaac Mizraahi and Kelly Rowland. But that’s not all!

What should make us more jubilant is that Lindsay Lohan will be appearing as a judge. Ironic that. Since LiLo can’t quite nab a comeback for herself. Christina Aguilera will also be on hand to wail on about platform shoes or something as will that uninteresting one from Desperate Housewives who married a basketball player. Bonne chance, designers!

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