Playing The Character Versus Playing Yourself #Rectify

With the second season of Rectify kicking off, it’s a good time to turn to the cast and find out their take on aspects of the show. To that end, we asked Aden Young, Clayne Crawford, and Abigail Spencer a loaded question: who in the cast is most like their character?

Aden takes his time to weigh all of his options, but right off the bat: Not Me! Neither are Adelaide Clemens nor Clayne Crawford anything like their characters. However, Abigail can be very much like Amantha, because she is “feisty and loyal”. The same is true for Bruce McKinnon, Teddy Sr., he has a quiet strength, which Aden credits to his “knowledge, experience, and confidence” as an actor. And in a bit of tease, Aden tells us Season 2 takes Jared, played by Jake Austin Walker, in a direction that gives Aden pause as to whether Jake and Jared are that similar after all. (Can’t wait to see what thats all about!)

Clayne agrees with Aden that its Abigail who has the most in common with Amantha, and describes her in similar terms as “strong, independent, and outspoken”. He also senses that Adelaide and Tawny have precious little in common: Adelaide is far more worldly and far less naïve than Tawny, which speaks to her ability as an incredible actress since she’s able to convey such a sheltered persona.

Abigail, true to form and character, doesn’t argue with Aden and Clayne: “It’s me!”
But like Aden and Clayne, she underscores the fact that the other actors are unlike their characters to an astounding degree.

TL;DR – Abigail is a lot like Amantha, and though there may be some small similarities between the other actors and their characters, most of them are doing what they do best: acting.

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