‘Playboy Club’ Cancelled, ‘Whitney’ Endures for Full Season

It’s that time of the year again: After debuting their Fall lineup, NBC has chosen to throw the weakest performer into the woods to die alongside the corpses of Outsourced and Good Morning Miami. This year, the runt of the litter was The Playboy Club, a show about 1960’s Chicago nightlife. Or was it a murder mystery? Unfortunately, no one knows because no one ever watched it.

The Playboy Club will be replaced by NBC’s newest primetime news program, Rock Center With Brian Williams. The network is excited about the hour-long newsmagazine, even if it has a title befitting a Hamilton, New Jersey public access show about hair bands. Apparently Rock Center was originally slotted as a mid-season replacement for The Playboy Club, but the network couldn’t keep the practical joke going longer than three episodes. NBC spared some of their Fall offerings the sword, however. They awarded the Will Arnett and Christina Applegate comedy Up All Night a full-season extension. They also gave Whitney the same vote of confidence. Whitney has been something of a punching bag for its hackneyed ad campaign and lackluster first episodes, but NBC has stuck with a multi-camera sitcom featuring a stand-up comic before, and look what happened: DAG was canceled after one season.

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