Piers Morgan’s First Week Will Be Much Better than His Second

British journalist and America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan scored a huge coup when CNN announced that Oprah Winfrey would be the first guest on his new talk show, Piers Morgan Tonight. And it only got better from there. Today it was revealed that Morgan will follow up Winfrey with Howard Stern (who rarely gives interviews), Condoleezza Rice, Ricky Gervais, and George Clooney – a perfect mix of humor, smarts, relevance, and physical perfection. But then, Week Two takes an unexpected turn for the worse.

Morgan will follow a former Secretary of State and a Hollywood superstar with the guy who got a blow job next to the guy from Creed. That’s right. After Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney kick off the show’s second week, Kid Rock will bring his particular brand of wisdom to Morgan’s table, where he’ll be followed by Kim and Kourtney, of the Kardashian family, and then by Donald and Melania Trump. Fingers crossed that Rock will tell us about the time he punched out DJ Jay Campos at a strip club. It’s a classic.

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