‘Pearl Jam’ Sings about Jeremy Lin on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’

During last night’s Last Night With Jimmy Fallon show, Pearl Jam showed up to sing a retooled version of their smash hit "Jeremy" about everyone’s favorite Asian-American sensation: Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks point guard currently redefining the way we think about race, or something. Okay, it wasn’t really Eddie Vedder but Fallon himself, wearing a floppy wig and doing his best mumbly demon voice on an ominously lit stage. Try to make out the lyrics, if you can. It’s a very realistic parody! Watch the video after the click, via Spin.

It’s a good thing that Fallon squeaked in his bit before today: During last night’s game against the Miami Heat, Linsanity officially turned Linzophrenic as Lin had a completely awful outing, shooting 1-11 and with 8 turnovers. Yikes! Here’s hoping he returns to form after this weekend’s All-Star Game, so that us (half-) Asians continue to have someone carrying that stereotype-busting torch now that Yao Ming is back within within Red China.

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