Patton Oswalt Returns to the Small Screen

Brilliant stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt might be returning to network television. Fox is reportedly in talks with Oswalt to develop a single-camera comedy series for the network. Scott Aukerman (Mr. Show, Comedy Death-Ray) will team up with the funnyman to write and produce the currently untitled show, which will star Oswalt as a man who’s recently separated from his wife of 20 years. You know what that means: Awkward and probably hilarious sex scenes!

Oswalt, who voiced Remy the rodent in Pixar’s Ratatouille, has appeared in myriad movies (The Informant!, Zoolander, Magnolia) and television shows (Community, Bored to Death), and his first book, Zombie Spaceship Wasteland, will be released by Scribner on January 4. He played Spence Olchin on long-running network-TV sitcom The King of Queens and took on his first starring film role in 2009’s underrated Big Fan. If Fox does pick up this show, it would mean a big score for smart humor, not to mention that anything that helps Oswalt pay his bills and focus on writing comedy is a decidedly good thing for the universe.

Here’s hoping the network will let him make fun of fast-food restaurants:

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