Outspoken ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Showrunner Quits Twitter After Bashing Outspoken ‘Mad Men’ Showrunner

With the help of Ryan Murphy (Glee), Matthew Weiner (Mad Men), and Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy), showrunners—that new, buzzy word used to describe a genius who exercises totalitarian control over the creative direction of a TV show—are quickly getting a reputation as the most outspoken sub-species in Hollywood. And what’s the worst enemy of someone who can’t keep their combative thoughts to themselves? It’s Twitter, of course.

Sutter just proved as much, forcing himself to quit tweeting over the weekend after remarks directed towards Weiner caused a stir.

The back-story: Last week, Sutter took to Twitter and unloaded on Weiner for hogging all of AMC’s financial resources, thereby crippling the network’s other shows, like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. But in Hollywood, you’re not exactly allowed to publicly bash someone as powerful as Weiner (it doesn’t help that he said Hollywood is full of “dicksuckers”) without experiencing blowback, so whether it was because Sutter got heat from his management team or just some dirty looks around town, he left Twitter in one final, apologetic blaze of glory:

twitter was a fun ride. all my comments were done in the service of free speech, humor and fan interaction. but ultimately, me having an instantaneous outlet for my darker impulses is not a good thing. i’m a guy who needs filters. lots of them. it seems that my opinions turn into headlines and my black humor turns into tabloid fodder. clearly my 140 characters are causing more harm than good. i’ll continue stirring the pot with the weekly YOUTUBE WTF SUTTER updates and my SUTTERINK blog http://sutterink.blogspot.com. I want to thank the SOA fans for their tremendous support. please follow @FXNETWORKS and @SAMCRO_BLOGGER for updates on SONS OF ANARCHY. it’s time for me go and … i accept that.

If you’d like, you can follow Sutter on his blog instead.

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