NY Times Wins ‘Least Relevant Blog Post On Inauguration Day’ Award

As I type this, Obama has not yet begun to speak, so I’m sure we’ve yet to see some astoundingly terrible analysis on what percent grayer the president’s hair is as compared against photos from four years ago, BUT: as of right now, this is the only hilariously contentless update you need.

At 10:58, New York Times reporter Ashley Parker, whom you really have to sympathize with because who wants to be forced to file such things, gave us this headline: “‘Girls’ Star Allison Williams, Front And Center.” YES. Someone from a TV show that’s been getting Googled a lot the past two weeks is present. And her dad’s a news anchor? Still? THIS STORY HAS EVERYTHING.

Williams was gracious enough to chat with fans, and in so doing

took a minute to ponder a question she called “impossible to answer,” with a laugh — Which is more exciting: today’s inaugural festivities or the recent Golden Globe win for “Girls”? “They’re such different kinds of excitement,” she said.

THAT QUESTION IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO ANSWER. The correct response is "the inauguration," good god. No need to resort to the apples-and-oranges defense, Williams. We’re not reading the news to get a sense of your abstract reasoning, though if we were I believe this qualifies as cause for concern?  

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