Nicolas Cage & Jean Dujardin Join Zooey Deschanel on SNL

The uber twee Zooey Deschanel brought her brand of quirkiness to SNL last night with some funny sketches, including one that lampoons her ukelele playing, sing-songy persona.  Nicolas Cage stopped by Weekend Update and Jean Dujardin brought his tap dancing skills.

Cage’s sketch was the best of the night.  He turned up alongside Andy Samberg’s version of himself to explain how cloning will allow him to appear in every film ever released instead of just 90%.  He also promoted his new flick Ghost Rider, which has all the element of a Cage movie: “1) all the dialogue is either whispered or screamed; 2) everything in the movie is on fire.”


Dujardin appeared in the recurring dance sketch Les Jeunes de Paris, which went black and white for The Artist star.


Zooey Deschanl took a jab at herself with Bein’ Quirky, a show where Michael Cera, Mary Kate Olsen and Bjork make an evening of doing quirky thing like pretending to fall off chairs and knitting to hula music.  “This is the part in the show where Mary Kate and I make our eyes real big while Mama Cass plays.”


The cast took on the Super Bowl halftime show and M.I.A.’s finger flip with interviews on Piers Morgan. While Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen might not have LMFAO’s crazy interview style down, they definitely rocked the outfits perfectly. Andy Samberg talks genitals as Tightrope Guy.

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