Neil Patrick Harris to Make a ‘Doctor Horrible’ Sequel?

Neil Patrick Harris is a busy guy. He’s on How I Met Your Mother, promoting the new Harold & Kumar Christmas movie, filling in for the newly departed Regis Philbin on Live!, and raising a family. He’s got a full calendar, but his priorities are in order. The actor, along with director Joss Whedon, is planning a sequel to the cult web series Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.   

Whedon, who has The Avengers coming out this year, along with a Much Ado About Nothing adaptation, told Yahoo:

"We have been working on that for a while. It’s been hard, because we all have jobs, and some of them are extremely taxing, but we have had a vision of the thing for a while, we have been working on it, we have a bunch of songs and a few scenes. We need a little free time and right now that’s plenty hard to come by."

You waited how long for Arrested Development to return? You can handle this.  It will give you time to perfect your memorable evil laugh.

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