Neil Patrick Harris’ New Web Series: How I Met Your Muppet

Neil Patrick Harris is no stranger to working with Muppets (and Muppet enthusiasts like his How I Met Your Mother co-star Jason Segel). He’s cited Jim Henson as an influence and appeared on Sesame Street a number of times, including recurring appearances as the "Fairy Shoeperson" and singing about pajamas and carrots with Elmo. But his latest Muppet-related enterprise is a far more adult affair, one that might even be inadvertent nightmare fuel for the little ones. 

Harris collaborated with Nerdist and Henson Alternative, the less family-friendly wing of the Jim Henson puppetry enterprise on Neil’s Puppet Dreams, a web series launched yesterday starring Harris, his subconscious mind, his partner David Burtka and a host of particularly weird Creature Shop creations. In the first installment, Harris falls asleep on the floor of his twins’ bedroom, waking up in a Science of Sleep-esque puppet world in which he is falling, and fast, which as anyone who has ever slept before knows, is a terrifying feeling that sometimes happens in various stages of sleep. He receives words of comfort, however, from a trio of singing angels, played by his twins’ vivified puppets, among them, a goat and a winged beaver. Their gentle lullaby quickly turns from comfort to carnage though, with couplets like: "Your limbs will snap off and your organs will burst / you’ll look like an art piece like Damien Hirst." Sesame this ain’t. Watch.

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