Morning Links: Jennifer Aniston Trades Spinsterdom for Homewrecking, LiLo’s House-Arrest Party

● Jennifer Aniston might have gone and done that “uncool” homewrecking thing that Angelina Jolie once did to her. She can get the guy, but she can never win. [Page Six] ● Selena Gomez’s headache is gone! When asked about her hospitalization at a shopping mall appearance last night, she said, “I was just very malnourished, so I was low on iron and exhausted.” If she’s not hungry and tired is she even a star? [People] ● Looks like royal hot sister Pippa Middleton has been dumped. Which means, for all you yearning blokes, that yes, she’s single. But it’s hard to imagine she’ll settle for much less than a prince, no? [Ministry of Gossip/LAT]

● Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan threw a lovely-sounding BBQ/Kardashian-screening party on her roof, and spent most of the evening perched on some boy’s lap. She’s under house arrest and on probation, but really, living the dream. [E!] ● Tracy Morgan tried to make things better by telling Russell Simmons that, “The truth is if I had a gay son, I would love him just as much as if he was straight.” Which is maybe an apology or maybe just something his publicist made him say. [GlobalGrind] ● AMC’s up and down drama The Killing has been picked up for a second season. [AMC]

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