Morning Links: Derek Jeter & Minka Kelly Seemingly Back On, Beyoncé Is Probably Still Pregnant

● Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly were caught out and about and looking pretty couple-y in Paris over the holidays. Are they back on in 2012? [Huff Post]

● Beyoncé was still very pregnant when she was spotted out in Brooklyn for a New Year’s Eve dinner with Jay-Z. Our money’s on a January 4th baby, 4 being her favorite number. [Gothamist]

● Aretha Franklin is engaged to her "lifelong friend" Willie Wilkerson. But no, the 69-year-old Queen of Soul assures she is not pregnant. [RS]

● The now bang-ing Kim Kardashian has resolved to always follow her heart in 2012. "I think I’ll never stop doing that," she says. [Us]

● Courtney Stodden’s New Years resolution is to, uh, read more books. [DailyMail]

● Octomom Nadya Suleymon needs a new manager stat, as her old team has up and quit, claiming mostly that she was "unmanageable." "We no longer wanted a part of any of it and we feel sorry for the children," they said. [TMZ]

● Demi Moore is slotted to play feminist activist Gloria Steinham in the upcoming Lucy Lovelace biopic. [Variety]

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