McDonald’s UK Employees Don ‘Mad Men’-Inspired Uniforms

Just as nothing says "I’m going to watch Michael Phelps swim in an intense, lengthy and extremely taxing international competition"  quite like some McNuggets and a Coke, nothing says "the Olympics," "Team Great Britain" or "McDonald’s" quite like dressing like someone’s odd interpretation of 1960s ad execs. And yet, here we are. 

McDonald’s has always been a regular fixture at the Olympic Villages all over this planet. And just as Danny Boyle and Stephen Daldry are preparing their grand-scale "Isles of Wonder" ceremonies with real livestock and real rain and music by Underworld, so is the Olympic Village in London preparing to go big with its Big Mac purveyors by opening the World’s Largest McDonald’s. And with the occasion, in an attempt to make Maccies work uniforms more fashionable, the team brought on Red Or Dead’s Wayne Hemingway, who was inspired by the classic polos of Fred Perry. 1960s mods and the classic dapper adman looks of Mad Men. Well, alright then. 

Hemingway replaced the drab browns associated with the classic fast-food chain uniform with Perry-style polos in "mustard yellow" and "gherkin green," with the actual ’60s influence coming in with the customer-care and managerial getup: a distinctive checked pattern, pencil skirts or dark green trousers, skinny ties and for female employees, a mustard-yellow scarf. Not sure how "Mad Men" it all is, but the outfits do recal some young freelancer who Roger fired during an acid flashback, or something. 

Watch the Telegraph‘s report about the new uniforms. Not pictured, Don Draper solemnly shaking his head and drinking all the scotch.

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