Links: Taylor Swift to ‘Vampire Diaries’, Johnny Depp As Nicolas Cage’s Debt Savior

• So in news regarding the finest non-Lady Gaga-related moment to happen in music this week, Solange is encouraging everyone to pirate her well-done do-over of The Dirty Projectors’ “Stillness Is the Move” after Universal keeps taking down free downloads of the cover across the web. To that end, here’s a great place to start. [Jezebel] • Barf bags at the ready please: Jon Gosselin may or may not have filmed a sex tape wherein he does a couple bumps. His flack is devastated that us gossip folks are running with this rumor. He’d be devastated to know that most of us would run with rumors of J.Goss turning out to be swine flu patient zero, too. [Us] • While on the topic of crowdsourced pornography: Carrie Prejean‘s total swag count now includes eight sex tapes and 30 photographs. You’ll remember that some fraction of this entire package was being shopped around for $100,000 earlier this year. [New York Daily News] • Having humbled everyone from Kanye West to country stalwart Wynonna Judd, Swift has the entire world rolling around in her palms. Her next conquest: A quick cash-in on vampires via a potential stint on Vampire Diaries [Digital Spy]

• Did you know they found water on the moon? This allows the Associated Press the chance to parade out some of their finest puns. [AP] • Perpetually periled artist Shepard Fairey hosted/DJed at a marriage equality party the other night. [Queerty] • As someone who adored Adaptation, it behooves me to note this: Nic Cage has not only lost two houses and his dignity, but owes the IRS just under $7 million in back taxes. But be calm, Cagey folks! Johnny Depp is lending his friend a hand. He feels indebted to Cage for a part he got in this flick. [Celebuzz] • Here to there: Lindsay Lohan is not only hard at work for her follow-up to her disastrous Ungaro debut, but she’s also teamed up with jeweler Pascal Mouawad to sew popcorn necklaces or something. [Access Hollywood]

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