Kim Kardashian Is Actually A Really Nice Person And Served Thanksgiving To The Homeless This Year

Kim Kardashian – she of the butt and the marriage – served Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless community at the Los Angeles Mission on Wednesday night because she is a nice person and not the cartoon we all make her out to be the other 99% of the time. There, are you happy (Kim’s publicist)? 

The 31 year-old reality star was joined by Avatar actress Zoe Saldana. Saldana recently broke up with her boyfriend of 11 years; which is a whole 58 times longer than the 72 days Kim was married to Human Alpaca and Giant Taylor Lautner Impersonator Kris Humphries. Oh yeah, dude also plays basketball and is really, really good at it (audio NSFW) in case anyone has forgotten. 

America has painted Kim Kardashian – heck, any Kardashian, really – in a bad light recently. Well, maybe it’s time to put away the anger and ask ourselves: maybe it’s us that we hate. Maybe we are the ones who hate ourselves for spending so much money and thus getting ourselves into a very public situation over fundamentally whether it is realistic anymore to assume that everyone can achieve the American dream. Kind of like spending $20m on a wedding and getting a very public divorce after only 72 days, but not exactly. 

It might be far fetched, but think about it. Kim, Zoe, or eithers’ publicist, thank you for going out of your way to help the homeless this Thanksgiving. That was awesome of you. Maybe more of us should be doing selfless acts of kindness like that instead of arguing about who gets to sleep in Zucotti Park. 

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