Kate Upton Will Seduce You Over to DirecTV

DirecTV is known for having some rather unconvential commercials. There’s the infamous one starring Beyonce, which featured her song "Upgrade U" and lines like "Hey, lemme upgrade you to the best channels in HD, only on DirecTV. I’m talkin’ about the hottest channels, not that HD lineup get with cable," delivered in between intense dance moves (it’s one of my favorite commercials of all time, so deal with it). And then there’s this.

Yes, that’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covergirl Kate Upton. Yes, she’s in a bikini. Yes, she wants you to switch to DirecTV. Yes, she will wait for you.

No, she doesn’t have any more details. No, she will not actually wait for you. No, I have no idea why this commercial exists.

I’ll stick with my Beyonce, thankyouverymuch.

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