Justin Bieber Pranks Taylor Swift in ‘Punk’d’ Trailer

Because culture is cyclical, Punk’d is returning to MTV in less than month to show us celebrities at their angry, confused worst. The prank show will be hosted by none other than Justin Bieber though celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Bam Margera will float through the set to guest host, and original Punk’ster Ashton Kutcher remains as an executive producer. In case you needed a sell, MTV released a short trailer yesterday showing Bieber getting the fun started by making Taylor Swift think she’s ruined a wedding, causing her to gasp with that permanent "Omigod I won an award!?" face.

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There’s nothing like schadenfreude to make us feel better than celebrities, although the new show will be hard pressed to beat the time that Kutcher actually got Justin Timberlake to cry (Timberlake would later reveal he was stoned the whole time, adding another layer of horror to his ordeal). I’ll bet on Chris Brown to be the first celebrity to have a massive breakdown after finding out his car has been filled with soy milk, or whatever.

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