Jon Hamm’s Guest Stint on ’30 Rock’ Revealed

Finally, a man Liz Lemon can be proud to call her own. No more closet sexual predators, or jerks who just pick up and move to Cleveland. Later, in this fourth and predictably great season of 30 Rock, Liz will start dating a doctor who lives in her building, and he has the wonderful fortune of looking just like that guy Don Draper from Mad Men. Jon Hamm, who also luckily looks like Don, told USA Today, “I just finished a couple of episodes, and I’ll go back in the new year and do another one of those, and then we’ll see what happens.” What will happen is Liz will dump you for a preposterous reason (she hates happiness), and you’ll travel back about 50 years to your cushy job on Madison Avenue selling cigarettes to Americans and pretending to be someone you’re not (spoiler alert).

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