Jon Hamm: Actor, Rapper, Advice Columnist?

Really, is there anything Jon Hamm can’t do? One minute, he’s brooding over the Beatles and pitching with the best of them on Mad Men; the next, he’s offering unashamed physical comedy on 30 Rock, first as the lovable-but-dumb Drew and more recently in this season’s live episode in a somewhat uncomfortable Amos ‘n’ Andy spoof; or he’s doing tacky-awesome recruitment ads for his alma mater. Also, he made you breakfast.

This week, Hamm added two more talents to his resume: Internet advice columnist and amateur rapper. The first was as part of a regular feature for Rookie Magazine called “Ask A Grown Man.” Here, despite playing a really terrible father to a teenage girl on Mad Men, Hamm actually gives out some pretty wise words to Rookie’s mostly teenage and female readers. “Don’t define yourself by who wants to get with you,” Hamm tells one girl with a query about an indecisive guy. “I’m sure you’re a lovely person.” He then proceeds to recommend some reading for a reader concerned about farting in front of a significant other: the classic tome, Everybody Poops.

Elsewhere on the Internet, Hamm joined comedian, musician and human beat machine Reggie Watts for a short for IFC’s “Comedy Bang! Bang!” What resulted was an inspired but not particularly well-crafted rap about the iconic TV comedy Taxi, highlighting its actors and characters, including Judd Hirsch, Andy Kaufman and Tony Danza. If you ever wanted to hear Jon Hamm rapping the name “Tony Danza” made into a looping beat, now is your chance, friends.

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