‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Snubs Selena Gomez

Before we continue all the unnecessary navel-gazing (and in Snooki’s case, it’s not a pretty sight), some formalities. Why link the diminutive MTV reality starlet Snooks and her co-stars to Disney Channel tweenybopper Selena Gomez? The Jersey Shorers turned down a personal invite to one of Gomez’s concerts. Oh, snap.

So naturally when some slipshod Frankenstein of reality clichés disses a promising ingenue, especially one who fits into cookie-cutter pop star poise so well:

We have to naturally assume that that the seeds for a long-lasting media-friendly rivalry have been planted. One that may at any point (depending only on how long Snooki can sustain her fame arc) bloom into a thorny feud. Which is why salary speculation makes for an excellent past-time. It turns out that for the first season of Wizards of Waverly Place, Gomez was pulling in $10,000 an episode of the Disney Channel sitcom. Which is what Snooki and her cast-mates will be making per-episode (after rigorous negotiations) on the next season of their unscripted horror show.

And while Gomez’s pay climbs to a measly $11,025/episode on the second season of Wizards, she still has other lucrative projects keeping her well afloat. As for Snooki? Not so much.

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