Jason Sudeikis Returns to ‘SNL’

We’ve been all abuzz about the new cast members on Saturday Night Live that we forgot all about poor Jason Sudeikis, who expressed his interest last month in leaving the show becuase, as we all know, Mitt Romney isn’t funny enough to warrant sticking around. Well, we can all rest easy that we’ve indeed got a suitable Romney impersonator through the end of the election cycle (when he is sure to lose and then go back to wherever the super super super rich go when they’ve admitted defeat) because Sudeikis is back on board.

According to USA Today, Lorne Michaels confirmed that Sudeikis will be back on the air when the show returns this Saturday, going head-to-head against Fred Armisen’s still-awkwardly-blackface Barack Obama. I can only imagine that the only person really upset about the news is Taran Killam, who will probably be dancing on his own to Robyn in an effort to ease the pain of being the second-best choice to play Mitt Romney. 

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