Jason Segel & The Muppets Take Over ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live has been on a roll lately. Jason Segel, who I am just going to assume everyone loves and thinks is hilarious, was last night’s host hosted. The Muppets stopped by to promote their new movie with Mr. Segel as the lead human, and there were surprise appearances by Paul Rudd and Olivia Wilde. 

Kermit, Miss Piggy, Rowlf, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, and Scooter were on hand to help out with a musical number during the monoloue.

My personal favorite was the skit about who will replace Regis Philbin on Live!. Jason Sudeikis does a great Ricky Gervais impersonation, Kristiin Wiig is hilarious as Kathy Lee, and as usual, Jay Pharaoh was spot-on as Denzel. 

The Vogelchecks, that family who can’t keep their lips off each other, were back, and it was what it was: a family making out.  It includes a cameo from Paul Rudd, shared an initimate moment with his I Love You, Man costar, automatically makes everything better.

Here, Jason Segel proves that he is owner of the best Andre the Giant impression on the planet.

Florence and the Machine gave their usual all as the musical guest.  

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