Icons of Cool: The Playboys, Adrian Grenier & Warren Beatty

As Vincent Chase, the skirt-chasing superstar on HBO’s enduring bro-com Entourage, Adrian Grenier cuts the kind of swath through Hollywood pioneered by Warren Beatty, the original sexual firestarter. But the bond between these two symbols of success extends far past the reach of dark, tousled hair and shirts open to the waist.

Certainly, Beatty is a woman’s man, which is not the same thing as a ladies’ man (although, he has also dabbled in that pool, with equal success). His romantic skill set is legendary and as well-founded in fact as the career of Alexander the Great. He has always been great to look at, wonderful to listen to and cannily astute about his choices. Put him alongside Grenier in the guise of an heir apparent and one begins to see another angle to all of those genetic lottery winnings.

Grenier can’t — and doesn’t — rely on his handsome features alone, just as Beatty’s looks without his brains would have peaked with a stint of Brylcreem commercials. What Grenier throws into relief is the importance of, well, being earnest. Both actors are something they do not need to be: nice guys. One almost gets the sense that they don’t entirely know why people make such a fuss over them. Armed with a lack of self-consciousness, Grenier and Beatty are free to be themselves, organically, which in Hollywood is a state so rare that one wants to stand up and salute it.

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