How to Make It in New York: A-Trak, Curtis Kulig & Carlos Quirarte

How to Make It in America, HBO’s hip, snappy dramedy, could easily be re-titled How to Make It in New York. Given that its two lead characters, best friends Cam and Ben, are hustling to get their clothing label off the ground, the show couldn’t really be set anywhere else other than this fashion-happy, hard-scrabble town. To show off the series’ downtown New York-ness ahead of Season Two’s October 2 premiere, HBO has released a mini-documentary about three New Yorkers who actually did make it in America. Check it out after the jump.

The three success stories are DJ, budding record mogul, and BlackBook columnist A-Trak (who even pops by our office in the video); graffiti artist and photographer Curtis Kulig (who recently remixed one of our inaugural covers); and BlackBook Industry Insider Carlos Quirarte, who, along with partner Matt Kleigman, owns The Smile and Westway. Let these three fellas show us all how it’s done.

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