Hero Status: Florida Dude Is Merman

You have no idea how grateful I am to have this brought to my attention by TLC’s My Crazy Obsession and The Daily Mail: until I knew a 22-year-old guy named Eric Ducharme dressed up in handmade mermaid costumes to go swimming in some Florida springs, I couldn’t sure if following your dreams is always the best course of action. No longer. Eric, you are a national hero.

There’s nothing crazy about this obsession, TLC: the dude likes to become a merman, get away from the hustle and bustle now and then. That’s actually the least crazy thing I’ve ever heard. And on top of that, he runs a company—selling his beautiful, sparkling, slip-on fishtails. Take that, Republicans who love small business but not alternative lifestyles.

I just can’t go back to my old way of living after getting a glimpse into Eric’s magical aquatic world. He makes finding one’s self seem so easy, so natural. He is more content than any of us can ever hope to be.

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