Why Tease and Not Serve? 5 Ways Last Night’s ‘Gotham’ Could Have Been Better


The setup for Oswald aka Penguin’s snooping in the Falcone house had promise, especially when we see framed pictures of Mooney’s femme fatale Liza alongside Falcone, but nothing really happened. Oswald enters the Falcone territory, finds Liza’s dress, huffs a worn dress of Liza’s, and prances around like a madman.

tumblr_nf7sn72O3v1tfw4aco1_250The two do meet near the end of the episode and Oswald threatens Liza with the knowledge he knows of Liza and Mooney’s relationship. That will have to be explored next episode, because if it doesn’t, I would start wondering why the writers up at Gotham are using these miniscule moments for Gotham junkies like myself.


This week’s villain, named Ian, is a mentally unstable pyromaniac with a knack for blowing up things all over town. However, he didn’t really add up the thrills this episode. The most riveting asset for this week’s villain was Ian’s brother, who speaks to Detective Gordon in regards to the “sick” behavior his brother has exhibited over the course of time. A side story about how when growing up his brother couldn’t get help because they were poor, foretold the last five minutes of the episode, as he confirmed Arkham’s future for the city.

So, it’s evident that the writers here wanted to touch up upon the mentally ill and how they need treatment from the city. Ultimately, the city needs to actually help the citizens that are crazy and running amuck, but even the mayor of Gotham doesn’t have his head right. I’m excited about the future of Arkham! That’s going to be a spicy addition to the show.



Selina Kyle and Lil Bruce Wayne had the chance to kissing each other on this episode twice. As Selina (aka Cat) was the one who witnessed the Waynes’ murder, Bruce believes that Selina should stay within the chateau’s premises. While the idea of Selina Kyle staying at the Wayne chateau sounds promising, this episode didn’t play it up too much. Of course, Selina being dominant, catty, and around Bruce’s age, teases Bruce about ever being kissed before. Alfred, the looming butler, stands before the two young ones and demands for Bruce to go study. Buzzkill, Alfred!


Doesn’t he know that it’s nice for someone around Bruce’s age to stay over? Things are always so dull when you’re a ten-year old boy stuck in a house with a fifty-year old man. Am I right or am I right? The second moment where the two could’ve potentially kissed was during their bagel breakfast food fight. “If you hit me, you can kiss me,” Selina offers tantalizingly. It becomes a food fight with swooping bagels and, well, more bagels. I didn’t see any croissants or fruits flying and she never got hit so, thus far, Bruce has never been kissed. Why tease us twice and not serve, Gotham?


Two Face aka Harvey Dent was introduced on last night’s episode. It wasn’t exciting, but rather, slim foreshadowing. We had the flip of the coin, which is like the most obvious of all for Harvey Dent’s character. Nothing really else to the character though. He just loves his double-faced coin, that’s all. Huh?

tumblr_nf6l2u6wKU1rpby98o3_400Then, as if Harvey Dent’s introduction wasn’t entertaining enough, we have some bogus villain named Lovecraft enter the picture. Is it just me or is Falcone’s drama not enough for a side plot? Are we forgetting that the Waynes’ murder case still needs to be solved?


Barbara runs away from Gordon….again. “I’m going away for a while to get myself together,” she writes in a melodramatic note left behind. Snooze…Barbara is such filler for this show! What’s even worse is how Detective Gordon calls Barbara begging for her to come back home because he just loves her so much.

tumblr_nf8opdmlNA1qjl5hfo1_250Yeah….Right….The writers need to create some sort-of clash between these characters because they have never had chemistry and we’ve never seen them sleep in the same bed. There’s nothing that special about their “relationship.” Though, I’m very happy that the episode ended with Barbara returning to her lesbian lover and Detective Gordon’s colleague, Sarah Essen (Zabryna Guevara). This shall be interesting…

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