‘Gossip Girl’: Lady Gaga’s Greatest Acting Role to Date

I’m not so sure that there’s room enough in the pop pantheon for two queens. Not the Hall of Fossils, mind you, where certain others are eyeing shelf space proper enough to hold their cryogenically frozen heads when the time comes. But at the forefront of America’s pop consciousness And if there is indeed space there, I’m not sure whether Beyoncé will quietly relent and offer Lady Gaga a chance to rule alongside her, as Americans are obviously in need of some capable pop despots after this horror. In this sense, Gaga’s ubiquity — from SNL to Carnegie Hall — is quickly transforming her into pop royalty. Which is why snagging the one-woman search-engine optimizer for Gossip Girl might be the biggest casting coup for the soap yet.

It might even be bigger than this week’s episode, which saw Hilary Duff’s most notable primetime appearance since that time she somehow ended up on The George Lopez Show. The episode also upped the ante with a bonus cameo, wherein Tyra Banks and Blake Lively attempted to out-smize each other as they chewed up the scenery. The Duff-Banks double whammy netted this episode just over 2 million viewers, down roughly 500,000 from the premiere.

But Gaga’s part has an added complication which may rope in curious channel-flippers. The infamous disco stick purveyor will be portraying herself. It’s an evocative role that has “Emmy” written all over it in pink Sharpie. No word whether this also will be the exact same episode that Chuck Bass will be exploring the limits of his disco stick.

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