‘Glee’ to Make “Call Me Maybe” Even More Insufferable

Trekkies. Star Wars fans. Cookie Monster. Barack Obama. Swimmers. Guys in drag. CorgisRandom tweens. Nobody can get enough of Carly Rae Jepsen’s "Call Me Maybe," and we, as a nation of idiiots, can’t get enough of people who can’t get enough of it. And now, of course, Glee is set to add their own overly autotuned version into the mix, as is their way. (Yes, I’m referring to Glee as a group of people. A group of terrible, terrible people.)

As Entertainment Weekly reports, the upcoming season premiere will feature the poppy pop hit. The episode will be called "The New Rachel," and I assume that it’ll be about the robot doppelganger of Lea Michelle coming to murder the rest of the cast except for Jane Lynch, who in this scenario I will allow to be left unscathed and dignified as long as we never make mention of Ryan Murphy’s exercise in ruining musical theater ever again. 

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