‘F to 7th’ Killing It With the Guest Stars, Most Notably Gaby Hoffmann

Last week, we shared an episode of Ingrid Jungermann’s very funny and almost-too-real web series, F to 7th. Said episode featured funny person Amy Sedaris as Jungermann’s character’s boozy out-of-towner aunt who accuses Jungermann of wanting to “only talk about gay stuff” when she keeps bringing it up, which may be a little too close to home in terms of holiday interactions for some of you. Turns out though, Sedaris isn’t the only delightful Special Guest Star this web series is sporting.

The most recent episode features Gaby Hoffmann, who some of you may still remember exclusively from Now and Then and be thinking, “Oh my gawd, what happened to her after Now and Then she was my faaaaavorite?” But Gaby Hoffman has done a lot since then, you guys! Including this web series! In the latest installment, she plays a sweatsuit-wearing Park Slope mama having drinks with our heroine. Hoffmann is spot-on, fully committing to talk of potty training and the like, and her recounting her “experience with a woman” is hilarious, and again, something that probably happened to you or someone you know. (“It was really intense. We were listening to Ani.”) Watch.

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