Don Draper’s Beach Read: Dante’s ‘Inferno’

Season six of Mad Men is currently filming, and at least a few of the cast gets to "work" on the beaches of Hawaii, which I can’t say is a tough break at all. Thanks to our pals over at The Frisky, we got a peek at Jon Hamm and Jessica Pare lounging in some classic swimwear on those white-sand beaches. You know, just relaxin’ and doin’ ’60s beachy things like reading The Inferno, because that’s definitely what people read on vacation back then. Ahh, I miss the olden days when people weren’t so stupid and definitely didn’t read smut like, say, Valley of the Dolls. (C’mon, you think Don Draper is too good for Jacqueline Susann?)

There’s at least one burning question that Mad Men fans might be asking: what’s up with that scrape on Don’s knee? I can only hope that season six involves the return of Brian Batt’s Salvatore Romano, who might finally get the BJ from Don Draper that he’s always dreamed of. And let’s just be thankful for the proof that literally no one—not even Jon Hamm—can possibly look attractive and less awkward while trying to comfortably sit in a chaise lounge. (But goddamn: those thighs!)

Meanwhile, Jessica Pare and the Mad Men crew would like to remind you that she has breasts:

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