Did Simon Cowell Set Ellen Degeneres up for Failure?

American Idol has tested our patience in a variety of ways over the past year: Ousting Paula Abdul, the non-event of Jordin Sparks’ only promising single and handing Adam Lambert a career were all crimes against a dedicated viewership. Now comes confirmation that the show probably won’t be around to test our patience for much longer, what with voice of reason and snark, Simon Cowell, departing. While there are many Americans, and many wannabe Idols, disappointed by this news, are any of us more screwed than newly-appointed judge Ellen Degeneres?

You see, Cowell has big dreams. He’s a big, big girl in a big, big world. He already put the Idol franchise out of business in the UK after launching X Factor and seems to be gunning to do the same here (with Paula’s help to boot: Cowell tapped her as a judge for the Americanized X Factor. Which only hurts deeper, because too many of us were gunning for this to be original X Factor judge Cheryl Cole‘s big American break. ). So, in short, he recruited Ellen and then he ditched her.

Is Ellen, a queen of daytime TV second only to Oprah, terribly miffed at SiCo’s planned exit? Well, yes and no. She and the other Idol judges are handling SiCo’s planned exit quite well. She joked in a video posted to her website, “He announced he’s leaving on my first day. I’m trying not to take it personally.”

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