Dead Bush Head Forces HBO to Pull ‘Game of Thrones’ From Distribution

Temporarily, of course, because if routine incest and dismemberment can’t derail the show’s all-consuming publicity, then nothing can. But a row over the revelation that a prop head of former president George W. Bush was used in the background of a scene involving decapitated heads has caused HBO to pull copies of the episode from its rotation, from HBO Go to iTunes to DVD shipments. That means you won’t be able to watch the episode for the time being, not until the offending frame is cropped out. It also means your Blu-Ray and DVD box sets just got a lot more valuable.

Subconscious political intent aside, statements from the show’s creators and HBO Itself makes it clear that the head’s inclusion was more of a desperate measures thing, and nothing with any sort of pointed meaning. The scraggly wig on Bush’s head should prove that much, and the fact that no one noticed it until it was mentioned in the show’s DVD commentary. The spirit of bipartisanship means other people thought otherwise, but come on; no one could watch the show and think the former president’s governing style of "questions first, bad answers next, war anyways" wouldn’t fit nicely into Westeros.

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