Counterpoint: ‘Mad Men’ Can’t Possibly Be Coming Back Already

Mad Men is about to come roaring back with its—holy shit, sixth season? I dropped out after the season four finale, which, if I recall correctly, ended with a freaky coma dream where Don marries one of Tony Soprano’s mistresses on Dexter’s kill table while zombie Walt and Jesse watch in horror. What a cliffhanger.

Then there was season five, allegedly. I’m reasonably confident that Roger Sterling said something sarcastic in it, yeah? While smoking. That cad, such a crowd-pleaser. Willing to bet also that one woman sabotaged another’s attempts to earn the authority/respect that is her male colleagues’ birthright. But gosh if they didn’t both look pretty the whole time!

So what does season six, premiering on April 7, hold in store? Sure, I can call my parents every Monday and get a hazy synopsis of the most recent episode they fell asleep in front of, but I want some teasers before then. Luckily, the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner, dropped this juicy hint: “The season is about Don.” Salivate away! 

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