‘Community’ Fans Organize Flash Mob to Save Show

Community, like most good television shows, has been getting disappointing ratings. Because of this, NBC is pulling the comedy from its midseason schedule and its loyal fans are having a good panic over the prospect of losing their favorite comedy for good. Because this is 2011, those fans took to Twitter and organized a flash mob at Rockefeller Center Thursday in order to show their support for Greendale Community College and all its inhabitants.

The flash mob has been organized using the “#OccupyNBC” and “#SaveCommunity” hashtags and will meet at 1pm tomorrow at Rockefeller Center. If you plan on reading that previous sentence aloud to anyone over forty, prepare to have to explain every word except “Rockefeller Cetner” and “organized.”

According to Yidio, “Fans plan to attend wearing fake goatees made out of black felt, a reference to a season three episode that ended with the show’s characters in a different timeline deciding to become evil versions of themselves by wearing fake goatees.”

It will be interesting to see who the Jeff Winger of this flash mob will be: the one person who will act like they’re too cool for it before changing their mind and teaching everyone a lesson about sticking up for your friends.

The Community super fans need to remind themselves of one thing: this is NBC we’re talking about. You could wear all the fake goatees in the world; you aren’t convincing the network that has been heralding the return of Fear Factor as a cultural event into making a good decision.

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