Claire Danes’ New Show Welcomes Home the War on Terror

So far, most dramatizations of our post-9/11 Military Industrial Complex have focused on movies mostly set on foreign soil. Think The Hurt Locker, Green Zone, Body of Lies, and so on. But as the brand new trailer for Showtime’s upcoming drama Homeland so bluntly reminds us: “The War On Terror Comes Home.” Finally! What took you so long?

Homeland is most notable for being Claire Danes’ return to the medium that made her a star. Danes plays a CIA officer who suspects a recently-rescued POW (the underusedDamian Lewis) is actually a brainwashed plant by an Al Qaede-esque organization, who is using him to strike on American soil. It’s a very promising premise, one that touches on our shared fear of being blown to smithereens on the ride home from work. It’ll be interesting to see if Lewis’ soldier is actually who Claire Danes thinks he is, or if he’s just your average, psychologically-ruined former prisoner. Watch the trailer below and get seriously amped. Homeland premieres this fall.

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