Check Out This Great Ad for Dick’s Sporting Goods Directed by Derek Cianfrance

Between his first avant-garde student feature Brother Tied and his emotional sophomore effort Blue Valentine, there was a 12-year gap where Derek Cianfrance found himself "on the bench." He began focusing on documentary work—which would later inform his adept understanding of human emotion and authentic drama—but a decade passed before he made a second narrative feature. But in that time, he also dabbed in the world of commercials, and with a new ad for Dick’s Sporting Goods directed by Cianfrance and shot by Peter Deming (Oz the Great and the Powerful), the versatile director shows that he really knows how to craft some awesome-looking tension. 

The commerical is actually a really fantastic one-minute spot that kind of makes me wish Cianfrance would direct some well-lit baseball movie starring Ryan Gosling as a star pitcher hiding the secret torture of his past—or something, you know? Anyways check it out below and continue to get excited for The Place Beyond the Pines.

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