Check Out Another Clip from Tonight’s ‘Girls’ Season Premiere

It’s a good night for television tonight, folks. The Golden Globes are finally here, but if you’re not one for scrutinizing outfits on the red carpet or just over awards season already, it’s also the premiere of the much-anticipated second season of Girls. According to Lena Dunham, who spoke about the show with David Letterman on Thursday night, this season "all the girls get new boyfriends, all the boys get new girlfriends, and then we’re just bringing’ the drama." She always went on to say, that if you hated the first season, "you’ll hate this one—a lot."

The sophomore season will take the cast on a series of new self-discoveries, mistakes, and themed-parties but Dunham also spoke to the reoccurrence of "the things that people objected to in the first season: the characters are self-involved, people who shouldn’t be naked are naked…" Whatever, we’re excited. And thanks to HBO, a new clip from tonight’s episode has been released, centering around a house party thrown by Hannah (Dunham) and her new roommate/college ex-boyfriend Elijah (Andrew Rannells). Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) makes her enterance at the end, like totally ready for the affair—tiny hat and all. Check out the clip below, as well as Dunham’s response to Howard Stern’s sexist remarks and also a fun look at what it would be like if the world of Girls was shroud in horror.

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